Business Development

We at the S & S Business Consultancy will work with you to develop your business and achieve significant results – guaranteed!

Most organisations regard Business Development as exploring ‘all things new’.  This includes new markets, new products and new technology with the overall objective being to identify new ways to increase sales.

We at the S & S Business Consultancy go much further than this! 

Our vision of Business Development is to review all elements of your organisation, from Sales to Finance, from Production to Human Resources. We work with our clients to develop the whole of their business to maximise results, improve effectiveness, improve efficiencies and most importantly generate as much profit as possible.

We believe that Business Development is much more than just looking at the new.  We believe that huge value is added by reviewing the existing ways of working and maximizing what is already in place.

Our experience has taught us that it becomes challenging for Executives and Managers to objectively review internal process, procedures and general ways of working as they become immersed in them on a day to day basis. As an experienced business consultancy practise, we view all elements objectively and from an impartial view point.

Business Development = The Present & The Future!

There are many key elements to Business Development.  The questions below will provide you with a strong indication as to the types of work we are frequently asked by our clients to get involved with:

While reviewing the following questions, if the answer to any of them is No – we at the S & S Business Consultancy would be delighted to hear from you!  Please remember that effective Business Development is not just about the ‘new and the future’.  It is also about improving current ways of working and maximising what is already in place.

Are you achieving the highest levels of profitability in your business?
Are you confident that your business is currently operating in a highly efficient, effective and profitable manner?
Do you have the correct balance of existing customers and new customers?
Do you have effective ways of measuring all elements of your business performance?
Do you have BI (business intelligence) reporting to regularly provide you with business critical information which you can promptly act upon?
Are you effectively enhancing relationships with your most important customers?
Do you have confidence in your Business Development function generating the results you require short and long term?
Are you being objective when reviewing internal process, procedure and general ways of working to ensure they are effective and fit for purpose?
Where is your next 3 years of sales coming from – do you have a strategy?  What is your sales pipeline?

The S & S Business Consultancy will work with you and provide support and expertise at every stage, to ensure Business Development in your organisation is a total success. It will provide you with everything you require to be successful now and in the future!